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Anil IngleAnil Ingle 

How to create different developer org?

Hello All,

Our organization is completed phase I code and we are ready for security review. Now our orgainzation developer working on phase II code.
Our orgainzation wants to start Phase II code on different developer org. This org should be content all the code or changes done for phase I.

Let me know, How to create different developer org?

Thanks in Advance
Hi Anil
Create a new org from here https://www.developerforce.com/events/regular/registration.php
 and then migrate all your data from org 1 to newly created org using change sets or ant migration tool

Hi Anil,
first make the package of all your components in your first developer organisation and create one more developer organisation  in salesforce.

create a package in salesforce

Create--->Packages--->Give package name all the details--->By  using  "ADD" button you can add all componets that you  want to migrate to other developer org--->after adding all components(Apexclasses&objects&fields all metadata)-------> By using upload button you can upload that componets to package--.after  uploading you will get one link --->you need to copy that link and paste that in other developer organisation url--->once you paste and enter it will ask for installation of that  package ---->then install it you will all metadata what ever there old developer org

You can create developer organisation  from following link