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Ram SRam S 

Login issue

Hi all,

One of my org uses Two factor authenticator to login, but now i have lost my phone which had salesforce authenticator app and i forgot my password to login to that org.
i tried using password reset its asking for the verification code(two factor code). i installed authenticator app in new phone, app is asking to add the account to that. so now im not able to login for both the thing.

can any one help on this issue please.

Hi Ram,

  May I suggest you please raise a case with "Trailhead support team" (trailhead@salesforce.com)along with the UserName of respective developer org.only they have the Acces to Reset the password or remove Two-factor Authenticator.

I hope it will be helpful.

Please mark it as solved.so they removed from unanswered questions.and more appear as the proper solution to similar kind of issue.

Best Regards