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Nick ValerioteNick Valeriote 

Building SOQL/SOSL Query on Multiple Custom Objects


I'm new to building SOQL or SOSL queries.  I'm an Administrator, not a Dev, so I don't know much about building these.  Wondering if someone can help me with the steps required to pull data using 1 query for the following?

I have custom objects called Project, Project Task, and Timesheet.  Project is the parent object, while Project Task and Timesheet are the child objects.
I want to run 1 query that will pull data based on the following request:
Part 1
- Pull timesheet records for project tasks with the following filters:
* Project task Type field value = Programming or Programming Questions
*Project task Status field value = Not Started, Awaiting Assets, Received_Reviewied, In Progress

Part 2
- Pull timesheet records related to the above project tasks that were logged at the project level (object)

I'd like to group the results by project.
Make sense?  Can anyone help with this?
Guillaume Minero 8Guillaume Minero 8

For starters I would suggest you go through https://trailhead.salesforce.com/modules/database_basics_dotnet

No need for developer skills to know the basics of how SOSL and SOQL queries work. you will find how they work and some  use cases in the above Trailhead. Maybe you can try something and post your results and we can take it from there?