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Yashita Goyal 12Yashita Goyal 12 

Query on Duplicate and Matching Rules

I am creating duplicate and matching rule for one of the Custom object. However am facing 2 issues:
1. Problem Statement : Example:-
Test__c : A1 AND RecordType : R1
System shall allow:
Test__c : A1 AND RecordType : R2
System shall not allow:
Test__c : A1 AND RecordType : R1

My question is to prevent duplicate records to be created of same record type.

2. My duplicate rule : Action on Edit is marked as "Block".
a. However, when I Edit record and without changing value of field Test__c. It simple SAVES the record inspite of same value being present for another record.
b. Moreover, if I first Edit and change value of field Test__c to some unique value and save it. Now, when I edit and try to rever the old value it will give duplicate error message.

My question is it should also fail for scenario 2.a.

Anticipating response.

Thanks in advance.