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Alejandro Gonzalez 18Alejandro Gonzalez 18 

How to Autosave and refresh from VisualForce when Using a picklist and other formulas

The scenario is simple . 
I have an opject with a MasterDetail Relation to Opportunities. And I want to Display on To display on the edit screen the Account Name that is tied to the opportunity.

So I have
<apex:pageBlockSection title="Opportunity Information">
               <apex:inputField id="opportunity" value="{!Item.Opportunity__c}" />
              <apex:outputField  id="accountName" value="{!Item.Account_Name__c}"/>


very simple.
What I want is when the user Selects the opprtunity, I want all the formula fields to refresh. This formula fields basicall expose properties of the Account Object.

I dont mind saving the object, since i am going to use a status of 'Incomplete'
public CustomObject getItem() 
        if(item == null) 
            item = new CustomObject ();
            item.Application_Status__c = 'Incomplete';
        return item;

So any ideas? I read something about saving it via JS, but how do Ido it?
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Alejandro Gonzalez 18Alejandro Gonzalez 18
Thanks. I was able to dynamically refresh the fields using the action region