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Sunita PSunita P 

Click to dial not working for embedded visualforce page

Hello Team,

I have created a VF page and included that page as an section on the Opportunity Detail page, however the click to dial does not show on the VF page section.

Is there a way to resolve this, so that click to dail will be shown on the Embedded page. 

Thank you.
Roshni RahulRoshni Rahul
Hi Sunita,
You can use click <support:clickToDial> tag.

If your getting ClickToDIal Disabled, 
Include the following in your VF Page

<apex:includeScript value="/support/console/24.0/integration.js"/>

Shraddha M 10Shraddha M 10
Hey Sunita,

Is this resolved?.Even iam facing the same issue,tried including the script version but no luck.
Can someone help here.