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Ahmed YassirAhmed Yassir 

RSVP + Pardot + Salesforce

Hello All, 

I have been tasked to builda RSVP solution for our Salesteam that can work with Pardot and Salesforce. Flow should be like this: 

RSVP Event Registration > Pardot > Salesforce. OR RSVP Event Registration > Salesforce > Pardot

Salesteam would like to track multiple events for the same contact record. So I have created a custom object in Salesforce, BUT Pardot doesnt have relationships ( unsupported ) with Custom Objects and thats what they want to use to send emails etc. 

I am looking for the right direction to start investing my time in, thanks in advance!
Archana BattaArchana Batta
Hi Ahmed Yassir,

Is RSVP Event Registration happens in an External System?

Thanks & Regards,
B Archana