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Richa Upadhyay 29Richa Upadhyay 29 

Salesforce for outlook based event

I have a validation rule that restricts the event creation, but it should allow the event creation if this is coming from outlook. So basically, I can't create an event on salesforce but should be able to create via outlook. (Buring Issue)

Thanks in advance.
 Hi Richa Upadhyay,

Please Create an Outlook Appointment for an Event in "Salesforce Classic". please check the below document provided by help.Salesforce ​
I hope the above Information is useful to you.

Best Regards
Richa Upadhyay 29Richa Upadhyay 29
Thanks for the response Rahul, but this is not what i need. I am able to create and sync appointment, but I need to know in salesforce if this event is from Outlook or Salesforce.

Hi Richa Upadhyay,

May I request you to be more specific on if this event is from Outlook or Salesforce? So that it helps in better understanding of the requirement which results in easy troubleshooting of the issue.

Best Regards,