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Standard Clone button not visible on custom object

I have two custom objects, a parent and a child.  I have a requirement to be able to clone the child object record.  

  • The Clone button is avialable when I edit the page layout, but is not visible on the live layout.
  • I have searched for a permission I may have missed but am having no luck.  
  • The child object records are not governed by record types.
  • I do not need a custom clone button, I simply want to clone the record and edit where required.
Looking forward to your response.


Do you have the "create" permission in your profile for that custom object?
Hi JimInSR,
es you can create a custom clone (button or link) which will set some fields to blank or another value as part of the cloning process.  The secret is to go to Customize / object / fields.  Choose each field you want to set to blank or another value.  Look at the URL and copy the unique identified for the field name: 00N70000002Ypnl?setupid=CampaignFields.   Do this for all the fields you want to modify in the clone process.

Now build your new URL statement by supplying the clone


As Greg stated, have the = sign with nothing after it translates into blank.  If you want to assign another value to the field when you link it (i.e. "Clone of") get the URL for the "Clone of" field, include it in the code above and put the new value in quotes after the = sign.

Salesforce can be frustrating, but it can also be fun.


The create permission is there, the button is not available for even the admin.  I suspect that I missed something when creating the custom object.


I would much rather use the default clone button.  Are you able to point me in that direction?


David Huddleston 1David Huddleston 1
Same problem here any ideas?
Pratibha Singh 45Pratibha Singh 45
Standard clone button is not visible in case record page. Even it is added in page layout for that record type.Any suggestion?