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Forrest MulduneForrest Muldune 

Button - Validation Rule to start another Button


I am wondering if there is a way to create a button, that will start another Button ( with conga composer parameters) based on a checkbox field in my custom object.

Currently, I have the following below created in my Recommendation__c custom object

1. Checkbox field - Docusign_Button_Start__c
2. Button with Conga parameters - Send_To_Docusign
3. Docusign_Button_Start javascript button 

Request - When a user selects the Docusign_Button_Start , if the Docusign_Button_Start__c checbox field = FALSE, then I would like a Validation Rule to prevent the Send_To_Docusign button from starting. 

In the Docusign_Button_Start javascript button, I have the following code below, but I am having a difficult time trying to find the code that will trigger the Send_To_Docusign button.


if({!Recommendation__c.Docusign_Button_Start__c  = FALSE}) {
alert ("Need to select the Docusign Button Start Checkbox ");

I could appreciate all your help.