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Claire RookClaire Rook 

Process Builder with flow not updating task whoID when task is manually created

I have a Process Builder that runs when a task is created. The idea is that it will update the WhoID. It checks the WhatID to see if it starts with a particular 3 characters that relate to a custom object.  If it does then it triggers a flow.  It sends the TaskID and the custom object ID to the flow.  The flow uses the custom object ID to find the related contact ID.  It sends me an email with the TaskID, Contact ID and Custom Object ID for troubleshooting.  Then it does a record update to update the WhoID field on the task with the Contact ID.  This works fine when the task record is created by another process.  If I create the task manually, the process fires, the flow sends me an email with all the correct IDs but the WhoID is not updated.  I added a text field on the task object and tried updaing that with the ContactID and it works in every scenario.  I have also made the launch of the flow a scheduled action so that it fires an hour after the task has been created but that does not work either.  
I have posted this in the success community and got some help there but so far the issue is not solved.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Matt Blatnik 8Matt Blatnik 8

I have the same issue. Has this been resolved?