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Jay Rizzi 4Jay Rizzi 4 

Global picklist - creating picklist value =>api name (value=>key) without having to edit each individual picklist item

So I am needing to upload many global picklist items for conversion for our existing database key value pairs
using the following documentation https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/winter16/release-notes/rn_forcecom_general_global_picklists.htm
Currently , when you create a picklist, you enter the values for the picklist separated by a line

so for instance, body part picklist is 


after you create the picklist, you can go in and edit each individual picklist item's "api name" , essentially making this a code for a key value pair

but if you have a list of 500 picklist values and 200 picklists that need to be created, this is almost infeasible

is there a way to on picklist creation set the key value pair rather that the value setting both the value and api name so i can do integrations more smoothly
You can create a Picklist Value Set and refer to it.

Setup >> Create >> Picklist Value Sets, Create a new value set here.

When you create a picklist field in your object, choose "Use global picklist value set" in Values section and choose your value set from the dropdown.

This way you can edit the values in one place and refer it in any many picklists as you want.
Engine 999Engine 999
Hi Jay, did you find a solution?
I'm struggling with exactly the same problem and despite hours of research wasn't able to resolve it.
Jay Rizzi 4Jay Rizzi 4
@engine 999 I did in fact find a solution to this

I used the Force.com IDE with Eclipse, and using that updated the values like this example below, then it used the metadata api to push my changes

Engine 999Engine 999
Thanks so much Jay! I used the Metadata API via SoapUI which worked very well for me.
Hans Post 21Hans Post 21
Thanks very much Jay. I was thinking the same thing: Eclipse to the rescue!
owever: How and Where do I find the XML for Global Picklists?
I can't seem to figure out to what Content I should subscribe to in my (Eclipse) List of Force.com Project Contents.
I figured it would be CustomMetaData but that's doesn't seem to appear in my list in Eclipse. 
If you could help me out in finding the way to the XML, that would be awesome.