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Bryan Ruddy 1Bryan Ruddy 1 

Eclipse IDE - invalid username, password, security token

I am trying to use Eclipse IDE and we keep receiving the invalid username, password, security token error.  We have everything, made sure credentials are correct, we put token after password.  Nothing seems to work.  I know the password is fine and token, it downloads objects we created in SF, but we badly need to execute soql against the schema.  Please Help!!!
UC InnovationUC Innovation
Hello Bryan,

My guess is that you are trying to login to the wrong org/environment type. In the following screen you need to make sure that you select the right option for "Environment".

.User-added image

If you really need to make soql queries you can also use the Developer console.

Any further questions on the matter are welcome. Hope this helps!

vijayabhaskarareddy yarrabothulavijayabhaskarareddy yarrabothula
sometimes Eclipse may not configured properly.So  Better to reconfigure eclipse again