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Getting error on Order page layout deployment "In field: excludeButtons, no such standard action:Activate"

I have two sandbox Orgs which are both on Spring '17.   I am trying to deploy a change set that includes updates to two Order object page layouts - added a new related list and a new field.   I have deployed page layout updates before for these layouts without issue.
When I validate the CSet I get this error for the two layouts in the Cset - "In field: excludeButtons, no such standard action:Activate"

I did see some older articles that mention issues with older salesforce releases but didn't see how these older issues matched up with my curent issue.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Debra,

May I suggest you please perform the following steps in the source org or source sandbox to resolve the error.

1. Click on Setup.
2. Click on Customize.
3. Click on Accounts.
4. Click on Page Layouts.
5. Click "Edit" next to the affected page layout. See they components error being displayed after trying to perform the Inbound Change Set deployment.
6. In the "Action in the Salesforce1" action bar, click on the "Override the predefined actions" link.
7. Click on the "Buttons" option on the upper left-hand side.
8. Add the "Get Contacts" button into the "Action in the Salesforce1" action bar.
9. Click on Save.
10. Clone the Outbound Change Set and upload it to the target organization.

Hope this helps.