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Record level Access

I have created a user in developer edition with certain(standard employee) profile with a  'Read only' access on only  one object in the Application , say the object name is 'position'  means this user has no access on other objects in the Application , but when i assign this user a 'CEO' role which is the highest in the role hierarchy , this user is getting Read/write access to the records of the objects on whom the user has no access at all(shown in the 'sharing' option on the object detail page) , this is happening when i am logging in as a system administrator , but when i log in as that particular user , i am able to  see only 'position' tab along with the 'home' tab in the user's home page , what is the difference , do the user actually has the Read/write access to the records of the  other objects as he is high in the hierarchy or it just appears when i log in as a system administrator?can the user access other object records when he/she is logged in with user login credentials(not system administrator) , if Yes , how?
Thanks in advance
Rohit B ☁Rohit B ☁
Yes they can access. You have to share the record with that user either manually or through apex.
Here are some link, you can go through them. They will help you in understanding :-