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Gisella WodziszGisella Wodzisz 

Assessing the Quality of Data unable to complete

Trying to complete the CRM Essential, Under Data Quality-Assessing the Quality of Data and I am unable to download the assessment APP. It used my regular log in and downloaded the app in our live production.  It will not take my trailhead log in - at all.
Lokesh KumarLokesh Kumar
HI Gisella,

Kindly try this module in Incognito mode and first log in to appexchange.salesforce.com using your trailhead login credential. Hopefully, it should work if the still issue persists please let us know.

Happy to help you !! 
Christopher Will 2Christopher Will 2
very poor insturction on this modual to install....very fustrating !!!!
Gabor Papp 5Gabor Papp 5
This is a funny one (crying inside). It should be a simple install package but when I install it, it doesn't appear in the installed packages. It doesn't let me install it because it sais already installed. I tried it in developer, incognito, with brand new playgrounds in incognito in normal. I am clueless. Help me.