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Div SnkDiv Snk 

Need help to change the color of font


We are using slds in one of our Vf page. One of the line of the page states that :

<label class="slds-align-middle">Mandatory Information</label></div>'

I want to make this text 'Mandatory Information' appear in Red. Can someone help me what changes do I need to do to or what should I add in the above line to make the text appear in Red?

Hi Div,

This should work...

body {
        color: red;
h1 {
        color: #00FF00;
p {
        color: rgb(0,0,255)
<label class="slds-align-middle">Mandatory Information</label></div>

...and if you would also like to make the text bold, add a <b> before and a <b> after your text (Mandatory Information) 
Div SnkDiv Snk
Hi steve

Thanks for your response.
However I simply used <label class="slds-align-middle"> <font color ="red">Were there any ethical concerns? </font></label> and it did the job for me.