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Ravi K 47Ravi K 47 

custom link to system admin profile

I have created custom link type "test" for object "Account"  which contains an url "www.google.com" .

Now my requirement only system administrator can see the custom link on account detail page.

Please help on this
Lokesh KumarLokesh Kumar
HI Ravi,

A System Administrator has created a custom button and wants it to be visible only for System Administrator users. No other users should able to see or access this button.
ResolutionThat functionality is currently unavailable and can be voted in Idea Exchange: Limit the Visibility of a Custom Button Based on Profile

However, since the Users are associated to a Profile you can make use of a Formula to restrict the access to a specific profile.
A good way to resolve the issue is to create a formula field and take advantage of the HYPERLINK function (add an image to the hyperlink to look like the button) to conditionally display the link. For example, the following formula will display the Google hyperlink to "System Administrators" users only:
IF(CONTAINS($Profile.Name,"System Administrator"),HYPERLINK("http://www.google.com/" ,"Button name")," ")
No other user will be able to see the "button" (Image).

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