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Jeremy DeseezJeremy Deseez 

Get all the track field history

Hi everyone,

I want to have in a report, or something like that, all the fields of all the Objects where the field is "Track History" checked at true.

Thakns for response.
karthikeyan perumalkarthikeyan perumal

There is a one way to do this, i think so but not sure, 

1.Create a spearate field histort for each object , like Account, Contact,Opp,etc...

how ever if you want to get the values of tracked history

Each Object who's "Track history" has been enabled have a HistoryTable
e.g. AccountHistory, OpportunityHistory etc..
Goto Reports --> click Account reports --> Account History
Run Report 
You can see the values.. Alternatively you can try dataloader.io to get the values 

2. Merge those reports in to one report. 


Hope this will help you, 
mark it solved if its works.