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Grant Access to fields of Record- Please Help!!!

Hi Everyone,
       I am looking for a solution for the following problem.


There is an object called "Test Object". It has 13 fields in total. Let's annotate them F1-F10 (ALL CHECKBOXES)  and U1-U3 (All user lookups).

OWD: Public Read/Write
All Profiles (except Admin): Read Only on Record and only F1-F5 are visible, F6-F10 are hidden.
Super User: Read/Write (using permission set on all fields F1-F10 AND U1-U3)

Now as per the requirement, whenever the super user edits a record and adds U1,U2,U3 to it 2 things should happen:

1. U1,U2,U3 should get Read/Write on Record (done this by Apex sharing).
2. U1,U2,U3 should get access to all fields : Specially F6-F10 that are hidden by default due to profiles.

Is there a way to show fields (that are hidden at profile level) to U1,U2 and U3 only  on a record by record basis.

Please let me know. Thanks.


pranoti patilpranoti patil

There is no other way to show fields on the record that are hidden at profile level.
The only way is to create a new custom profile having access to these fields and assigning this profile to user U1, U2, U3.

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