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<Account Link> - SFDC link added here

Hi team,

I need to add the <Account link> SFDC Link in the  HTML Template (Unfiled Public Email Templates).Can anybody please help me out for this.


Lokesh KumarLokesh Kumar

Please try the below solution.

1. {!Account.Link}
Note: - Replace the Instance (ap1) with your instance name.

What you are adding is the url for salesforce. Go into your email template and click Edit HTML Version -> Select Field Types (object you are going to use to pull the information into the email) -> under Select Field choose Detail Link under Standard Fields. The detail link will appear highlighted in the Copy Merge Field Value -> copy that and then click the "Insert Link" image at the top of the edit page to the right of the U (underline) format button. Make sure you place your cursor in the correct area of your email template first. The window will open that will allow you to paste the detail link into. You can also type "click here" in your email and highlight it prior to the copy and paste of the detail link.

let me know if this help you.

Thanks !