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Nicole ChanNicole Chan 

web-to-lead Form multiple checkbox value not capturing

I created the web-to-lead form with multiple picklist, but I am using checkbox value, however, when I receive the lead, the value can't not populate in SFDC, could someone help to check if I am missing somthing that cause the value can't capturing and popluate in SFDC?

Target of the attacks? (please check all that apply):<br>
DNS:<input id="00N6F00000EX5Ga" name="00N6F00000EX5Ga[]" type="checkbox" value="DNS"><br>
Network infrastructure:<input id="00N6F00000EX5Ga" name="00N6F00000EX5Ga[]" type="checkbox" value="Network infrastructure"><br>
Service/application/website:<input id="00N6F00000EX5Ga" name="00N6F00000EX5Ga[]" type="checkbox" value="Service/application/website"><br>
Other or not sure:<input id="00N6F00000EX5Ga" name="00N6F00000EX5Ga[]" type="checkbox" value="Other or not sure"><br>
Ankur Saini 9Ankur Saini 9
Hi Nicole

Use field api name instead of field id.
Course ? (please check all that apply):<br>
Java:<input id="Course__c" name="Course__c" type="checkbox" value="Java"><br>
Salesforce:<input id="Course__c" name="Course__c" type="checkbox" value="Salesforce"><br>
Php:<input id="Course__c" name="Course__c" type="checkbox" value="Php"><br>
.Net:<input id="Course__c" name="Course__c" type="checkbox" value=".Net"><br>

Ankur Saini
Nicole ChanNicole Chan
Hi Ankur,

Thanks for getting me back, but I have another question, which is I have few questions in my W2L form, just only 1 question is multiple picklist, other than that are all of them are picklist question, so when I generate the W2L in SFDC, all the question that are using field ID but not API name.
My question is using API name if only for this scenario (multiple picklist with checkbox value)? Thank you.