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Donald ArahoodDonald Arahood 

'Inspectors_Must_Work_Overtime' was not found.

Ran through to verify the Add Business Logic (Battle Station App).  Each step completed yet still getting error "The validation rule 'Inspectors_Must_Work_Overtime' was not found."

I copied the text from the screen to make sure it was accurate.  What's missing?
Hi Donald,

Have you created the validation rule that is named exactly as "Inspectors_Must_Work_Overtime"?

When the last time I had this problem, I was writing the code in an ORG and Trailhead was connected to a different ORG.

You might wanna check that too.
Donald ArahoodDonald Arahood
Fixed it. I simply deleted the validation rule and recreated it. I copied everything both time so I suspect I had a fat finger slip somewhere! Thanks Don Arahood 3301 N University Drive Suite 300 Coral Springs, FL 33065 (d) 954-656-6851 x8807 | (t) 866-905-4334| (f) 888-307-6915 darahood@bfscapital.com [cid:xPtBNRjR8LG8hzwl6R1R]