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David Curtis 20David Curtis 20 

Daylight Saving time

Why does Salesforce AUTOMATICALLY calculate DST??
This is very frustrating.

The system should relect a date/time as it is in entered into the system but is subtracts an hour.


I know that if I entered I entered and date and time March 18, 2017 @ 2PM, that is what I want it to show.
BUT, if I use formulas to break it apart, I get a time of 1PM.

Missy LongshoreMissy Longshore
Hi David, Have you considered submitting this as an idea on the Idea Exchange, or searching there to see if there already is one? Best of luck, Missy
Alain CabonAlain Cabon

This conversion is necessary if you manage users with different time zones. The date/time values are often (always?) saved in GMT and Daylight Saving Time (it is much simpler for the coherence with users having different time zones reading the data of each others sometimes). 

That works fine most of the time even for formulas but there are problems when one of the values in the calculation is a conversion from a Text or Date value to a Date/Time value.

Salesforce explains that this problem is clearly unmanageable in formulas (they agree) but can be managed in Apex : However, since time zones can be affected by Daylight Saving Time, and the start and end dates for DST are different each year, this is difficult to manage in a formula. We recommend using Apex for transactions that require converting between Date/Time values and Text or Date values.

David Curtis 20David Curtis 20

I am not sure that you understand what I am saying.

I am not talking about a clock time, I am talking about a date time stamp that is save in the system.
Why would SalesForce decide to change ANY time from a saved time. 

The issue is SalesForce will change the times within SalesForce for DST when trying to convert Date/Time stamp to time only. This WAS NOT an  issue prior to DST.

It should not be an issue at all because 0245 is still 0245 not 0145.


No other systems that i know of convert saved data post DST.
Alain CabonAlain Cabon

You have to use Apex and a quite complex code for getting the correct hour now. That is the only solution because this is too difficult to manage in a formula.

Daniel Ballinger: 

Good luck!