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Julie Edminster 9Julie Edminster 9 

Do sales people have to have their lightning enabled in order to install/use Salesforce for Lightning?

My client has not switched to Lightning yet, but they have Outlook on Mac's. Since Salesforce for Outlook does not support Macs, I need to enable Salesforce Lightning for Outlook instead.  

I would like to setup Salesforce Lighting for Outlook, but I want to be sure that we don't have to switch them over to Lightning in order to use the functionality in Outlook. 
Missy LongshoreMissy Longshore
Hi Julie, You do NOT need to have Lightning, as in the Salesforce Lighting UI, enabled in order to use Salesforce for Lightining. I worked with a client very recently that is actively using Salesforce for Lightning (in Outlook) and is NOT on Lightning. It's confusing, but it works! Best, Missy