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Alejandro Gonzalez 18Alejandro Gonzalez 18 

From SandBox to Production Deployment Process.

I created a sandbox monsth ago and without refreshing it, i developed in there a  complex solution.

This complex solution adds metadata to existing objects in production, plus adds new custom objects and classes.

When I did the original Eclipse setup I only synched with my property the new metadata i was adding. For example I modified the Account Object and added more fields, so I only selected the custom fields on the  "Select metadata to Synch" part of the eclipse project setup.

So now I am ready to go to production and I am afraid it will delete the other columns from the Account object, and leave only the ones in the project.
Is this correct, or will the process br smart to recognize that I am adding columns, not removing the rest?

OR do i have to include ALL the metadata of Account, whether I modified it or not??

Thank you
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Missy LongshoreMissy Longshore
Hi Alejandro, A couple of ideas for you... 1. Could you try testing this by moving it to another sandbox first, ideally your partial sandbox, to test your concerns? 2. If you only updated Accounts by adding custom fields, could you move those using Change Sets to decrease the risk that you would remove other fields? FYI I have never heard of standard fields being deleted through Eclipse, but I could be wrong! Best of luck, Missy