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Adeline MooreAdeline Moore 

Please help me Complete my flow?

Here is what My flow looks like so far:

On the top screens I gather information from the New Member (Canis Minor Contact record type)  

On the bottom screens I added all my record updates.
User-added image 

I want to add a submit for approval between the top info gathering screens and the bottom Record Update screens

In my 3rd screen I get the below results:
User-added image

I was thinking my Input would be {!VarSelectedContactID}

User-added image

Is my Input right?

What is my Output?

Please Help!
Adeline Moore
Lokesh KumarLokesh Kumar
HI Adeline,

Until you will not test how we can assume you are right or wrong but it looks fine for me and as per you INPUT/OUTPUT

Please refer the below salesforce Article. you will get to know what is needed after you have submitted the record for approval.


let me know if you have any concern.

Adeline MooreAdeline Moore
I have read this article multiple times and am still confused. I am looking for someone to walk me through it. I have activated the process off and on to see if my record updates are working but can not test Submit for Approval until I get the screen comepletely built.

Do I have to create an Approval process on the specific Record Type for Contact object as well as this flow?

I don't understand the difference between the record update screens and the Output on the Submit for approval screen.

The input is the Contact Record ID gathered in the beginning of the flow, Im pretty sure that is correct.

Is the Output just what the applicant is going to see?
Is the Output what the Assigned Approver sees?
What is I have lead assignment rules sorting leads into regions/Queues?
Can this submit for approval get assigned to a queue?
Lokesh KumarLokesh Kumar
Yo Man you have to create an approval process then only you can send a record for approval based on criteria.