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Integrating Google Analytics with salesforce

Hi All,

I Need to track the origin of the pages. ie from which page its navigated to the current page, whether the page is browsed by clicking on a link in the mail etc.

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Sergey ZuevSergey Zuev
This tool can help you integrate Salesforce & Google Analytics:
As a result, you'll see the following information for each Salesforce Lead/Opportunity/etc:
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Additionally, GA Connector allows you to see Salesforce data in Google Analytics as well:
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Himanshu Rana 7Himanshu Rana 7
This post will help  you open the below link to know how to integrate google analytics with salesforce
Wisam AbdulazizWisam Abdulaziz
Just finished writing a guide how to use CID to integrate Google Analytics (the free version) with Salesforce https://www.wisamabdulaziz.com/salesforce-integration-with-google-analytics-step-by-step.htm
I tested that method using PHP and it is working very well, should not be very difficult to apply the same method to any other programming languages