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Liz Gibbons 16Liz Gibbons 16 

thumbnail images


We have clients upload documents, images, ppt, pdfs, etc and link to google docs, videos, websites, etc as attachments to a custom object in our Customer Community and we want to display thumbnails of these assets. 

Anyone have thoughts on how to accomplish this? I've found ways to display the images as thumbnails, but am confounded by how to display the variety of file types and links. 

Thanks in advance!
Lokesh KumarLokesh Kumar
HI Liz,

Segregate document by Type of Document "Type" is the queryable field through SOQL and bind your data in the apex:outputfield.

Thanks !
Liz Gibbons 16Liz Gibbons 16
Hi Lokesh,

What do you mean by 'Segregate the document...'? I don't want to display them grouped by type; they are already displayed grouped by a custom field.