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Vignaesh Ram AmarnathVignaesh Ram Amarnath 

Object Specific quick action to create User record

I need to create a user record from a Custom button in Contact screen. Clicking on this button should display the New User screen with pre filled fields with values from the underlying Contact record. Since URL hacks do not work in Lightning I tried to create an Object specific Quick Action. But the problem is I am unable to select "User" object as target object to create in the quick action. Is it a limitation of salesforce? or is there an alternative approach to create a User record with pre filled fields? Please help.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vignaesh,

Object-specific actions let users create records that have automatic relationships to other records, make updates to specific records, and interact with records in ways that you define.

Please find the below steps I the help document below which might help you to accelerate further with above requirement. Please let us know if this helps.


Vignaesh Ram AmarnathVignaesh Ram Amarnath
Hi Nagendra,
 Thanks for the links. Still "User" object is not listed under Traget Object drop down while creating an Action on Contact Object.
Kumaravel MathivananKumaravel Mathivanan
Hi Vignaesh,

Have you done / fixed this ?
Vignaesh Ram AmarnathVignaesh Ram Amarnath
No I havent fixed it yet