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salesforce dependency jar for java project

Hi Team,
   I am new to salesforce development. As per my current project requirement, we were dealing with Case object. And I was getting Case details, case comments using SOQL. But now I want to use DML to update Case attribute. Can you please guide me for the dependencies(jar maven repo link) I need to include in my project.
Are you creating an integration with salesforce from external application or writing code in salesforce(apex) to perform some operation ?  If its about writing some logic within salesforce, you need to explore Apex Triggers(Its Apex code which is invoked when you update any record in system), Workflow Rules(Declarative way of updating data), Process Builder(Declarative way of updatating data). If you can provide some more details on requirement, i can point yo to right direction. 
sourav sengupta 10sourav sengupta 10
I am creating an integration from external application(java). And the requirement is once the application fetch the Case details along with associated case comments. We are getting an attribute to identify the unread comment. Once user opens the case comments screen, I need to update the unread status to read for all the associated case comments. It will be greate help if you can provide me some details regarding this implementation.
So if i understood correctly, in your java application when user opens the comment, you will update salesforce with Read status?  
So for building integration with SFDC, two main ways tha that i am aware of - 

For Soap - There are two ways you can start - Either you can use Enterprise WSDL(Strongly Typed) or Partner WSDL(Loosly Typed). You can ask SF dev to provide you with WSDL from SF environment. You can use it create client side stubs. 

Definition - 

Enterprise WSDL - A strongly typed WSDL for customers who want to build an integration with their salesforce.com organization only.
Partner WSDL - loosely typed WSDL for customers, partners, and ISVs who are building client applications for multiple organizations. It can be used to access data within any organization. 

I have seen most people prefering Partner WSDL. 

For REST API - You may refer this documentation -