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Jay reddyJay reddy 

Need to calculate roll up summary on opportunity amount excluding duplicate records


I trying to do roll up summary on Opportunity amount but I need to exclude the duplicate records.

We have this custom obj and Opportunity (Master detail relation) Custom obj is master and opp is detail object. We add Opp records to Cust Obj record via related list. We want to have a roll up summary on opportunity records amount but need to exclude the duplicates Opportunities if there are any. Any help is appreciated
How can this be possible ? With Custom object as a master object, you can never have opportunity as your detail object. I request you to review it again, as you cannot make any standard object a child to your custom object.

rajat Maheshwari 6rajat Maheshwari 6

Hi Girish,

Ajaz is right, There will be not master detail relationship, It will be lookup relationship on opportunity to custom object, If yes please let me know the fields api to my email id, I will develop the full code for you :)


Rajat Maheshwari