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Norm CopelandNorm Copeland 

Records created by Formsite integration are not firing triggers, flows

Hi all, 

We are currently using the service Formsite for our more complicated forms. Formsite has its own  Salesforce integration for creating and updating records. I have a form set up that creates a new contact as well as a record for a custom object (event_report__c). After the form is submitted, the records are successfully created. The issue is that triggers and workflows are not being triggered by these new records. At first I thought that there was an issue with my trigger (I'm new to them) but I found that records created through the GUI or CLI fire the trigger as expected. I then found that simple flows from process builder are also not firing when records are inserted from Formsite. 

I've submitted a ticket to Formsite but thought I'd check in here and see if anyone has ever experienced anything like this and if there's anything I can do an my end.