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Evan SamuelsEvan Samuels 

Granting access to users in managed packages

Hello everyone - my company is building a managed package. For support scenarios (i.e. something breaks after the managed package is installed and implemented) we like to have functionality where system admins can grant access to other users to help triage and resolve our customers' problems. Is there code that we can enter into our managed package that provides this feature?

I know that you can grant users access via Login Policies or user settings (and this applies to all users assigned to the managed package). And you can also gain access via the Subscriber Support Console by registering as a partner with Salesforce and going through their process.
However, is there code that can do the same thing (login as another user), but can embed within the managed package?
Ted Husted NUTed Husted NU
Salesforce is very careful when it comes to user security. I don't think you are going to find what you are looking for.

If you are serious, the best route is to become a partner and certify the package, so you have access to the Subscriber console.