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Kristina WilliamsonKristina Williamson 

I didn't receive the email from Salesforce Trailhead (of 30 March 2017) notifying that new modules and badges were now available.

I only found out by a colleague talking to me about it.  Are these emails still dribbling out? How can I check that I am still on the mailing list? I am no longer attached to any Production Org, could this be the cause?
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Kristina,

First of all many thanks for your interest on trail head.

As this query pertains to trailhead support team, may I suggest you please log a case with trail head support team or submit your valuable feedback by clicking on the submit feedback button where you can getter quick fix to the above issue.

You may reach trailhead support here:
Hope the information helps.

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Best Regards,
Rahul Kumar
I am not sure whether Trailhead support team sends out emails when new badges/modules are available. I found out from a post on Trailhead's twitter post..