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Is there any way to connect Apple Appstore and Google Play store to salesforce like a 2 way communication?

Hi , 

I have a requirement where in I need to bring the reviews from Google Play store and Apple AppStore to Salesforce .

I need to get the reviews and comments from both the AppStore and playstore related to some own  app into the salesforce .  

Is there any way to do that ? Is it even possible? 

Pushpa LPushpa L
We will be able to get reviews and post replies in google play API. Posting reply is not yet supported in App store developer API.
I am in the process of getting the connection established. Let me know if you were able to succeed to some extent.
Shikha Devi 16Shikha Devi 16
Hi KKBandi1 & Pushpa,

I am also working on same requirement. Can you guys help me on the same.