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Devang Rana 6Devang Rana 6 

Call Visualforce page in tabs.

Hello every one.
  I m trying to call my VF pages in TabPanel. but i dont have idea how to call that pages in this below tab.

User-added image
This is my VF PAGE CODE
<apex:page controller="TabTest">
 <apex:tabPanel switchType="client" selectedTab="{!ActiveTab}" id="slipTabPanel">
    <apex:tab label="Tab 1" name="tab1" id="tab1">
    <apex:tab label="abb" name="abb" id="abb">
    <apex:tab label="Tab 3" name="tab3" id="tab3">
And i want to call this page in Tab

User-added image

please guid me.
Thanks in advance

Hi Devang,
in tab add this code
<apex:include pageName="include"/>

Devang Rana 6Devang Rana 6
Hi Prithviraj_Chavan,
thanks for your help it is working
Hi Devang Rana,
Please select as best answer if this helped you and others wont follow this question