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jenkins with github installation issues

Hi All,
has anyone configured jenkins with git, I've configured jenkins but getting an issues while adding github repository.
Failed to connect to repository : Error performing command: C:\Program Files\Git\cmd ls-remote -h

is there any configuration needs to be done in environment variable or anything I'm missing.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Irish,

When you are trying to configure git hub project with Jenkins may I suggest you please check with below steps which might help you to accelerate further.

Configure Github Project
  • Log into Github as the owner or collaborator of a repo
  • Click the Admin button for that repo
  • Select 'Service Hooks' in the left column
  • Select 'Jenkins (Github plugin)' in the Available Service Hooks column
  • Add the service hook URL for your server eg http://yourjenkinsmachine.com:8080/github-webhook/ you might find the URL in the GitHub Web Hook > Manual setting (?) help text
  • Check the 'Active' checkbox
Hope this helps.