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Priya SubbaramanPriya Subbaraman 

The 'Account' profile was not found.

Hello All,

I am on the Data Security:Control Access to Fields chapter of Trailhead.  Even though, I have done the steps as listed by the challenge
1)Create an Account Profile
2)Change the Object Settings for Account and Contacts Object
3)Changed the Field Setting for Rating field in the Account Object
4)Created a Rating permission set and changed the access for Rating field of the Account object.

I keep getting this error "The 'Account' profile was not found".  I am stuck on this since 1 day.  Is anyone else facing the same problem? How did you solve it? Thank you.

Priya SubbaramanPriya Subbaraman
Hi Amit,

Thank you for replying.  Do I need to create an Account profile or a Basic Account User profile? The error message says that Account profile was not found.