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How are you displaying Toast Messages in a Lightningcomponent using lightningout in a vf page (outside of one.app)

I have a lightning component embedded in a Visualforce page in the service cloud console in SFDC Classic utilizing lightning:out

Previously we were using. a jquery toastr plugin to show.. well.... a toast message as none of the native ie.. xxxx:showToast methods are avaible outside of one.app.

Everything is working fine but along comes our friend locker service.. spoooky..... Of course this isn't one of the dozen libraries listed as supported by locker service.  

I'm wondering how people are showing toasts in a "locker service" friendly way in this situation since we have no native way to do this outside of one.app? I mean surely people can't be using javascript alerts?

The only thing I can think of is to send an event to the parent visualforce page with json in a parm.. have it display the toast since were are not in the locker service box... if it's a confirmation.. have the vf respond back with an event to the lightning component.... Talk about over-architecting....

The seems like way too much work to display a simple toast and 0 business value add?  Anyone doing anything different in this situation?

Thanks so much.