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Sten EbenauSten Ebenau 

What is InformalName field

Hi Everyone, 

We are the developers of the Duplicate Check managed package in the AppExchange.
We now come across a client with a strange issue. 

Our package is able to show the field 'InformalName' on the Lead object via the FieldDescribe apex functions. However, when we run the same code via the DeveloperConsole on the same Org we cannot see the 'InformalName' field. 
Does anyone know what kind of field this is and why our package can see the field and the client itself cannot?
hi I am no expert but if this is a field in your manage package you have to prefix it with package name when you are refering to it from outside the package. for a example if you package Name is Test field should be accessed Test__InformalName