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Joel Kikkert 23Joel Kikkert 23 

How to set Salesforce DateTime Format in Excel

We're migrating data and I need to set the audit fields with created date which is a datetime format field. I tried everything but it just errors out on me. My current format is: mm/dd/yyyyThh:mm:ss".000GMT+01:00" 
However, this one won't work for me. Anybody knows the right format and has an example on how to set this in formatting in Excel?

Joel Kikkert 23Joel Kikkert 23
Hi Sura, I saw the article before. I managed to solve it formatting Excel using the following custom format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss".000Z"
Just apply it the the cells and you'll be able to push dateTime
Arvind KumarArvind Kumar

Hi Joel,

Yes, You must use YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ custom date format in excel.

Arvind Kumar

Harshit Garg 6Harshit Garg 6
HI Joel,

You can use Arvind solution because of the same format already I have used.

If You want to understand deeply. Please read the below link. It would very helpfull for you.

Link - http://fullcircleinsights.com/excel-datetime-formatting-for-salesforce-imports/

Harshit Garg
Asi Avrahami 9Asi Avrahami 9
In Excel!
Choose the date/time columns (make sure you have 2 free columns to break the date and time into)
Click on Date tab, Text to Columns
Convert the text, I use custom character "T"
You will get 2 fields with Date & Time