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Jay reddyJay reddy 

Conga custom button on Opportunity object to grab only Primary quote's quotelineitem records

I need a help on having a conga custom button on Opportunity that would grab only quotelineitems from PRIMARY quote and put them in a pdf. I have query to pull the quote line items but need help on writing that soql query in the button.

Deepak Maheshwari 7Deepak Maheshwari 7

Hi Girish,


You need to write SOQL query in Conga Query and then use that query Id in Conga Custom Button.

Does it make sense?

Deepak Maheshwari 7Deepak Maheshwari 7

Hope the given solution works for you!

If not please let me know.

Jay reddyJay reddy
Hi Deepak,

I kinda know that and I have built a query in Conga Query. What exactly I need is the button code accessing the primary quote in the Opportunity.

Deepak Maheshwari 7Deepak Maheshwari 7

In query itself, you need to put filter in where clause so that only those line items will be fetched which are primary QuoteLine Items:

For more information please find the link below: