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Can LastViewedDate be updated by some external process?

Hi there

Have a question about LastViewedDate.  I would like to know exactly what would cause a change in this field?

A colleague came to me and said his list of Recently Viewed Opportunities isn't accurate because he hasn't been viewing a lot of the opportunities on that list for a long time.

I first found a way to look at the recently viewed information through SOQL because I want him to look at the timestamp to verify if he did or didn't really view those records.

SELECT Id, Name, LastViewedDate
FROM RecentlyViewed
WHERE LastViewedDate !=null and type='Opportunity'
ORDER BY LastViewedDate DESC

When I ran it myself, the results is just as I would expect, nothing unusual.  However when he ran it, it is very weird.  Please see attached.
As you can see the timestamps are rounded to the second, like he was viewing 3 records at the same time, at 15:23:08.

I wonder what else would update this field.  Would be great if someone has any ideas.

Refer to the screenshot - I removed the "Name" column from the screenshot but you can see the LastViewedDate is too "tidy".

User-added image