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Dan WardDan Ward 

Trailhead Duplicate Management - Resolve and Prevent Duplicate Data

Using Chrome Browser
I am unable to complete the challenge

Create and activate a rule with fuzzy logic
Identify duplicate contacts using a matching rule tailored for your company.
Create a matching rule for for the Contact object with the name: Contact with Fuzzy Logic
Email matching criteria: Exact
First Name matching criteria: Fuzzy: First Name
Activate the rule and your matching rule

because of an error with  Step 2: Configure Matching Rule

I am unable to select from the picklist in Row 1 (Mandatory) or Row 2
I have entered in 
Row 3 Email Matching Criteria Exact
Row 4 First Name Fuzzy: First Name
then get this error message:
Error: Invalid Data. 
Review all error messages below to correct your data.
This matching rule wasn't saved. It contains criteria that would return poor match results. Please use at least one other field besides Fuzzy: Title.
I have not selected Title anywhere