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Zachary Alexander 30Zachary Alexander 30 

Sync Calendar (based on custom object records) to Outlook

Dear Salesforce Gods,

Hear my prayer! My goal is to sync Outlook with a highly customized calendar in Salesforce that shows custom object records (rather than tasks, events, etc.).

So far, I have identified two possible methods of accomplishing my holy mission:
(1) Purchase an expensive 3rd Party app (LinkPoint360, Zyn, etc.)
(2) Use a trigger / workflow to create a "twin" Event record matched against every custom object record. Then use Salesforce to Outlook based on the Event records.

I kneel down and beg for guidance! Which is likely to be the better choice? Are there pitfalls or limitations I'm not aware of with option #2 that my push me toward option #1?

Or is there a different and holier path I may yet trod upon?

Zachary Alexander
holy moly! I can't believe no-one responded to this. I have a similar requirement. Where did you end up in your quest?
Jenni MacDonaldJenni MacDonald
I have the same need. Any progress made towards a solution?