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Vandana Rattan 4Vandana Rattan 4 

Registration mobile app


I have some requirements where :
1. I need an app that can be downloaded on mobile. When people install the app and submit data it should come into Salesforce. Also based on answers, we might need some more information from customers or show them some options. If these customers walkin to some of events hosted by our company they should be able to scan there mobile (or a barcode generated on mobile while they submitted info) and proceed.
2. Event Registration app is also required - so for people who register once for an event do not have to reregister when they walkin for another event (they should be given some code to scan and proceed).

Kindly suggest how should I proceed. Are there any appExchange apps available which I can customize?

Todd Halfpenny MCTodd Halfpenny MC
Hi Vandana,

It looks like you're wanting a Salesforce community app, and one with self registration at that.

I don't konw of any prebuilt apps that could do this, so would think that a custom app build is what is needed. This view is reinforced with the need to have hardware interaction (barcode scanning).

I would suggest (being an employee) that you take a look at MobileCaddy (https://www.mobilecaddy.net/), we have a app developement framework that appears to tick all the boxes you're after. Please feel free to contact me for more info.

Going down the custom app route from scratch is possible, using the Salesforce Mobile SDK, but there are lots of areas that need to be addressed to get a good robust app out in the wild, that should be thought about (full offline support - conflict resolution, etc -  handling OS updates, handling Salesforce releases, releasing new versions of your apps, session management).
Vandana Rattan 4Vandana Rattan 4
Hi Todd,

Thanks for the reply. Do you have any prebuilt app which I can have a look at? Are there any youtube videos available?

Todd Halfpenny MCTodd Halfpenny MC
HI Vanadan,

Yes sure... here are a few links.

* An app built for a Nonprofit Service, with the Salesforce Community Cloud (self reg) (http://bit.ly/SLinkMC)

* Vid of me building an offline app in 30 mins at the London Dev meetup (https://youtu.be/UqZU_pTQwBM )

* Case Study of an app built for Diesel Retail (http://bit.ly/MC-diesel)

* Nice flashy vid from our London World tour sponsorship (https://youtu.be/K4TMYj0j8HE) - shows some apps built with our framework

I believe we've also seen other comms come in from you, so we'll be in touch shortly.