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Evelyn FayadEvelyn Fayad 

Display field from most recent Task on the Contact and Account

Hi everyone, 

I've been playing around with flows and process builders but I think I need to write a trigger for this one. I am trying to display an activity field (customfield__c) on the Contact and on the Account IF it is the most recent activity. 

However, sometimes the customfield__c will be blank. I only want to look at the most recent activity WITH customfield__c not null. 

Has anyone come across this issue before?

Deepak GulianDeepak Gulian

The possible workaround for above situation is 

1. Create a process with Process Builder on create of an "Activity" and check criteria if "Custom_Field" is Null or Blank.
2. If not Null or Blank feed that Activity Record to the Flow.
3. Flow will check out that "WhoId is Contact" and "WhatId is Account" by First 3 Characters and then just simply update the value of "Custom_Field" in "Contact and Account" record.  ( I am assuming that "WhoId => Contact Record" and "WhatId = Account Record")