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Parikshit NavgireParikshit Navgire 

Getting 403::create_denied while subscribing to salesforce stream

Subscription for a single topic works successfully but when I try to subscribe to another topic, i get the the exception below :-
com.salesforce.emp.connector.CannotSubscribe: Unable to subscribe to [/topic/13q8_3zpqi_j7akbccq:-1] [https://ap4.salesforce.com/cometd/39.0] : 403:denied_by_security_policy:create_denied
	at com.salesforce.emp.connector.EmpConnector.lambda$subscribe$6(EmpConnector.java:378)
I am confused here why it is not allowing me to subscribe since I only have 11 topics in my developer salesforce account, subscribed to one of them and trying to subscribe to another. As per the documentation, maximum 20 subscriptions are allowed per topic.

Strangley I am not able to reprodcue this issue on a standalone Java application which I wrote for POC purpose. This exeption occurs only when I integrate it with a java based web application.
Jayant DasJayant Das
Faced same error while subscribing to a platform event, realized that the event object did not have permission set on the profile being used. If at all this helps anyway.
Amrendra Kumar 5Amrendra Kumar 5
Hello @Jayant Das

I am facing same issue. I have check that for my user "System Administrator" profile is assigned and it has read and create both the permission assigned for my platform event. But still while subscrition call i am getting create_denied error.