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Feelance Salesforce Developer needed for small project - London UK

Im looking for a Salesforce developer for small project based in London UK (Victoria).

We have a custom built Invoicing solution using declaritive development but want to make some key efficiencies using some coding development skills. Ideally we're looking for someone to come in to our office or at least for the first day to get an initial understanding of the scope, requirements, work involved and the current solution. The ideal person should be comfortable communicating with others, have excellent salesforce experience and certifications and a proven record of delivery.

Brief description of the work involved:
1. Scoping session with current team 
2. Custom cloning solutions from custom object
3. Record ordering via APEX
4. Adjustment of java script button or creation of solution to create record via button click
5. Release and testing
6. Appropriate documentation of build

I've estimated 4 days work to complete this, I can provide more details over email so please express an interest in the comments and provide an email address.
Alastalr,  We could help you for this project remotely, Can you please share the details for our analysis & estimation?.
Anil BharadwajAnil Bharadwaj
Hi Alastair,

Please share the project details at anil@daffodilsw.com

Hi Alastair,

If the jobs is still open please email on mkniaze@yahoo.com. I am happy to come down to your office to discuss further.

Kind Regards,